Slam Conference

International SLaM Conference

The 8th International Conference is now over, but the feedback from participants has been heart-warming. The conference took on the theme of wisdom at work both in terms of the content of the talks and workshops and in terms of the process of the conference itself. In planning the conference, the organising group wanted people to enter into the experience deeply, in a way that would allow the wisdom of the moment to arise. But planning cant ensure that such a thing will happen.

What many attendees have told us is that the experience for them was wonderful. And the particular things they pointed to covered every aspect of the conference. Here are some of the things they expressed as being highlights for them:

  • the opening and closing ceremonies meaningful, fun, richness
  • the keynote addresses (Alan Briskin, Steve Taylor, Margot Cairnes, Alison Yiangou) all praised excellent
  • connecting with like-minded people
  • feeling grounded, relaxed and happy
  • good mix of embodied and em-brained activities
  • the flow and alchemy of events
  • meeting people, opportunities for informal professional connection
  • the play (Blasphemy and Doubt) and the discussion afterwards
  • the community forums
  • the panel sessions
  • mask-making and the entertainment evening
  • the breadth and depth of the program
  • emergent moments of enacted wisdom
  • the light of wisdom shining in revealing moments
  • the excellent keynote presenters and the way they were part of the whole conference

Benefits Of Buying Synthetic Grass

The Benefits Of Buying Synthetic Grass Online In Melbourne

Many homeowners are adopting the artificial grass since it helps them to cut the cost of weed killers, herbicides, and irrigation. In addition, the grass suits all types of gardens. Whether you live in the temperate, tropical, or arid regions, this grass will suit your needs perfectly. Avoid the hassle of looking for a drought-tolerant variety that can withstand the harsh weather conditions. When buying synthetic grass Melbourne residents can save a significant amount of money on maintenance.

Considering that the synthetic grass can take a lot of abuse on the sports arenas, it is ideal for hosting parties at home. Whether you love to entertain some guests at the barbecue, invite visitors over the weekend, or host a party in the yard, this tough grass will not show any signs of damage. When buying synthetic grass Melbourne residents can save money on fertilizers. The resilience of your synthetic lawn comes in handy during the rainy season. Besides withstanding the water damage, this lawn drains in a short time since it does not absorb water. When buying synthetic grass Melbourne landscapers will assist you with the installation.

The grass is comfortable and safe for the family members that might have some mobility issues. When buying synthetic grass Melbourne families look for the playable surfaces. The resilience of this grass allows you to avoid the cost of replanting or replacing the patches that dry or lose their beauty as a result of neglect or poor maintenance practices. The fact that you can skimp on maintenance without hurting the beauty of your property is the main reason why organizations and homeowners love the synthetic grass. While buying synthetic grass Melbourne homeowners can also cut the cost of garden equipment. Besides saving money on the lawnmower, fuel, and labor, you will still avoid the cost of fertilizers. Avoid the hassle of having to build some special storage structures for your garden equipment since you will reduce your maintenance operations significantly. Since the artificial grass is playable and comfortable, the players are aware of its amazing benefits. However, the synthetic grass is not only popular in the sports arenas. When it comes to buying Artificial Turf Melbourne residents do not have to worry about the climatic conditions.

Other benefits
In addition to saving water, the grass introduces the curb appeal you require to maintain or raise the value of your home. When buying synthetic grass Melbourne residents do not have to think about irrigation and maintenance. The following are some of the main advantages of investing in the synthetic turf:

• You can enjoy significant savings on your water bills without jeopardizing the health and visual appeal of your lawn
• Your yard will look beautiful at all times of the year, even if you do not spend time and money on maintenance
• You will not have to buy the fertilizers, water, and pesticides to maintain your yard
• You can save the resources that you would have allocated on garden maintenance and use them to improve other aspects of your home


Sending Christmas Cards

The Dos And Don’ts Of Sending Christmas Cards

We all know that the holiday season sparks a ton of extra mail in your box in the form of Christmas cards. They’re usually decorated with a wintery scene and, if you’re lucky, the sender didn’t send you a glitter covered card. We all know how thankful we become for those cards after finding glitter in late March. However, when it comes to Christmas cards, there are some dos and don’ts you should be following.

Don’t Brag On Your Cards

There’s no problem with sending personalized Charity Greeting Cards Christmas Cards that update family members on the progress of your life. These newsletter-style cards can be something entertaining to look forward to. However, don’t make the mistake of bragging about the trophies you bagged this year or other similar items.

You should always aim to please your recipients by taking them on a journey of your past year experiences. Retell your experiences so the reader can enjoy reading along. Don’t try to over impress your recipients as they will likely toss your card within the first few sentences.

Do Put Some Pictures On There 

Pictures help to give people a more personal connection. Those family members and friends who haven’t seen your close family in a while will get some enjoyment on seeing how you and the kids have changed your looks over the year. Your Christmas cards should include a holiday themed photo, if possible, to keep your recipients in the holiday spirit while reading your card.

Christmas cards

Don’t Make It a Book 

While people like getting an update about your life every year, they don’t want to sit down to read a book. Oversharing is a big don’t when it comes to Christmas cards. Only highlight the major events and focus on spreading love and joy for the holiday season.

Do Focus On The Positives 

Not every experience through the year may have been a good one, so only focus on the positives. Avoid sharing any health issues or venting your grievances in your Christmas cards. Keep them positive and avoid sharing things like your political views or other similar topics.

Do Proofread Your Writing 

There’s nothing worse than trying to read and finding spelling mistakes that make understanding the material difficult. You should take the time to proofread your Christmas cards to ensure they’re an easy read for all your receivers. With many digital options, there’s no reason you can’t spell check your work for clarity.