Sending Christmas Cards

The Dos And Don’ts Of Sending Christmas Cards

We all know that the holiday season sparks a ton of extra mail in your box in the form of Christmas cards. They’re usually decorated with a wintery scene and, if you’re lucky, the sender didn’t send you a glitter covered card. We all know how thankful we become for those cards after finding glitter in late March. However, when it comes to Christmas cards, there are some dos and don’ts you should be following.

Don’t Brag On Your Cards

There’s no problem with sending personalized Charity Greeting Cards Christmas Cards that update family members on the progress of your life. These newsletter-style cards can be something entertaining to look forward to. However, don’t make the mistake of bragging about the trophies you bagged this year or other similar items.

You should always aim to please your recipients by taking them on a journey of your past year experiences. Retell your experiences so the reader can enjoy reading along. Don’t try to over impress your recipients as they will likely toss your card within the first few sentences.

Do Put Some Pictures On There 

Pictures help to give people a more personal connection. Those family members and friends who haven’t seen your close family in a while will get some enjoyment on seeing how you and the kids have changed your looks over the year. Your Christmas cards should include a holiday themed photo, if possible, to keep your recipients in the holiday spirit while reading your card.

Christmas cards

Don’t Make It a Book 

While people like getting an update about your life every year, they don’t want to sit down to read a book. Oversharing is a big don’t when it comes to Christmas cards. Only highlight the major events and focus on spreading love and joy for the holiday season.

Do Focus On The Positives 

Not every experience through the year may have been a good one, so only focus on the positives. Avoid sharing any health issues or venting your grievances in your Christmas cards. Keep them positive and avoid sharing things like your political views or other similar topics.

Do Proofread Your Writing 

There’s nothing worse than trying to read and finding spelling mistakes that make understanding the material difficult. You should take the time to proofread your Christmas cards to ensure they’re an easy read for all your receivers. With many digital options, there’s no reason you can’t spell check your work for clarity.

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